PART 1 – Are You Ready for a Sales Enablement Solution?

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A sales enablement solution’s objective is to provide a platform whereby Marketing and Sales become aligned through effective content usage, decreased one-off requests, improved content findability, centralized content management, and content measurement and reporting.

The following questions are important to consider as you evaluate a sales enablement platform’s impact on Marketing.

Content and Message Control

How can marketing be assured that approved content remains on brand and on message?

Those parties responsible for producing content need assurance that approved and vetted content remain unchanged as it is distributed and used by presenters. SoloFire enables you to easily hide, lock, or revoke document access with the click of a mouse. You can control which content is visible and available to the groups of your choosing. Meaning sales reps can’t go rogue on you.

As soon as you add or update new content it is synced automatically in the background, helping marketing and sales to stay in sync, on brand, and on message. Sleep easy knowing your documents are always safe and secure and that everyone has just the right content they need for their role.


How can marketing provide sale presentation flexibility without giving up brand and message control?

Content distributed by marketing should give presenters the flexibility to create custom slide deck sequences and the flexibility to procure different content types into a custom presentation sequence.

With SoloFire you and your app users can convert existing videos, brochures, case studies, and more into sales presentation. Create and share custom, targeted presentations that are as flexible as your customer’s needs and highlight your developing capabilities.


Can sensitive content be restricted for view only presentations?

Marketing and Sales should be able to select whether content should be restricted for view only or approved for sharing with a customer. With SoloFire you can decide if your sales reps can email out the content with a click of the button. This allows you to keep your marketing collateral secure and within your organization, but still accessible for your sales reps to use in their presentations.


Is the content easily accessible by users?

All content should be easily accessible by users from a user interface that is intuitive and familiar. Even the best apps don’t benefit an organization if they can’t be distributed to those who need them.

Usually a company has WAY more content than a sales rep needs for any single engagement but, they want to make sure reps can access the right content at the right time. Sales reps can prepare a customized pre-call agenda using just the pieces of content that they know will resonate with their clients, tailoring the sales pitch and content to fit the needs of their client. With Pulse we bring the most recently updated assets to the foreground where sales reps can easily add it to their presentation or share it with a customer. We also use trending to bring hot content to the foreground so sales reps know what content is going to help them close the deal.

SoloFire’s enterprise app store makes quick and easy work of secure app distribution. In an increasingly BYOD world, SoloFire is truly platform agnostic. You can easily distribute native iOS, Android, and Windows app all from one online storefront your whole organization can access with a single link. Any new or updated content is synced automatically in the background so you are always up to date and ready to go. You no longer need to worry about if the content is outdated or incorrect. Solofire is WiFi independent so you can access and share all the content to your customer without worrying about wi-fi connection.


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