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It’s no secret that the sales enablement industry is booming. More and more companies are realizing the value of incorporating a sales enablement solution. According to Aragon Research, sales enablement technology was a $780M market in 2016 and is expected to be worth $5B by 2021. On top of that, here at SoloFire, we are experiencing double-digit growth!

So what does this mean? There’s never been a better time to implement a sales enablement solution into your company’s sales and marketing strategies! A sales enablement solution is proven to increase team alignment, performance, and most importantly, your revenue.

We recently released an all-new version of SoloFire with new features and enhancements to improve every user’s experience, whether you are an administrator or an app user! Not to mention, the improved experience your customers will receive. SoloFire is truly a sales enablement platform made for everyone!

Administrator Experience: A Platform Made for Marketers

We love our SoloFire admins and over the last couple of years, we’ve learned a lot from them regarding the challenges they face as they try to create and distribute content to their field reps. They need a mobile sales enablement solution, that’s powerful, secure, and easy to use. Especially in a competitive space such as the medical device industry!

The SoloFire platform is all new from the ground up with enhanced analytics, insights, and new features to help make your life as a marketer easier.

All New Platform

When it comes to administrative platforms, a lot of the time the usability and design are an afterthought. We wanted to make sure we put in as much thought and time into our SoloFire admins, as we did with our app users. That’s why we created a completely new robust platform that’s with a fresh new look, new features, and it’s user-friendly!

With the new SoloFire admin platform, the spotlight is on the things you care about most: analytics, content, users, and contacts. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, you can do it hassle-free. Whether that’s seeing how a piece of content is performing, managing teams across the globe, or updating branding.

In-Depth Analytics

We know that at the core of a successful marketing team there needs to be useful data and actionable analytics acting as the driving force. The SoloFire analytics dashboard gives in-depth metrics for every app profile (or all of them combined) with insights into what your reps are searching for, what files they are using the most, and what files they are frequently sharing with prospects. You’ll even get insights into how their prospects are engaging with content as they move through the sales cycle.

With our useful in-depth analytics dashboard, your marketing team has all the metrics they need to better understand customers, create optimized content, improve customer relationships, and boost your overall competitive advantage.

Quick + Function

We could keep going on and on about analytics but you get the point – SoloFire is an analytics goldmine on your content and reps! Let’s talk about how we fulfill the sales enablement promise of getting the right content, to the right person, at the right time!

The Quick + Function gives you quick access to the tasks that you do the most. You can create a new app user, send a new message, add a new library item, create new branding, etc. all with a click of a button. With these shortcuts, you can save time and accomplish tasks faster.

Manage and Organize Your Content Within the Library

Marketers take pride in creating great assets for their sales reps. However, it can be challenging to manage all the content you create, making sure reps are sharing the most up-to-date content, and that they can easily find the content they need.

SoloFire is your single source of truth! With the new SoloFire platform you can easily upload, manage, and organize all your content within the library. By having all your content in one location you can effectively create content folders and sub-folders based on different teams and their needs, whether you have teams across the globe or teams selling different products. The way you organize your content is mirrored for your app users so you know exactly what your users will see when they open their app.


Your sales enablement app should represent your company just as well as your sales reps do. With SoloFire you can create unique branding themes, select the logo and colors to match your different teams and the correlating brands. Whether you have different product suites, teams in different geographical areas, or company acquisitions, you can make sure that the branding is right for every app profile.

App Profiles is Where it all Comes Together

App profiles are where content, people, and your brand come together. With app profiles, you can add or remove corresponding branding, teams, and library groups. With each app profile, you can make sure that every user is apart of the right team and has access to the correct content.

User Management with Teams

Within your company, your teams have different needs when it comes to content. With the new SoloFire platform, you can manage your admins, users, and teams in a single location. You can create teams to fit how your company is organized and add or remove users as needed. By having access to this you can make sure all users have access to the app profiles and content they need to be successful.

You can also send out messages to users within specific app profiles, or to all of them. This message shows up within the app on your users’ Pulse Dashboard. You don’t have to worry about them overlooking important messages in their crowded email inbox.


Your teams share content with a lot of people. We keep track of what they share and who they share it with. All the contacts that your app users share content with are reported to you on the platform. This gives you insights into who your reps are interacting with and you can view the Spaces they are sharing. If you need to add a new contact or share content with a contact from the SoloFire admin platform you can do that too!

App User Experience: Sell More Proactively

As a sales rep, your main job is to sell, sell, and well, you guessed it… sell! With SoloFire, we have created a powerful selling experience that you can adapt to your prospect’s needs and wants while giving you tools to sell more effectively and proactively! We released Pulse Dashboard a couple of months ago, but we have made some enhancements for this release that we wanted to highlight!

Pulse Dashboard

We believe that arming sales reps with actionable data helps them deliver a better customer experience. With our Pulse Dashboard, you have access to analytics on your content, customers, and peers. As soon as you open your app you have instant access to useful insights to help you know who to contact next and what to talk about. You can see how you are doing compared to your team, recently added content, trending content, in-app messages, as well as an interactive timeline for each contact.

My Files

Sometimes as a sales rep, you have files (such as personalized proposals or quotes) that you want to share and track. With SoloFire, admins can allow reps to upload personal files within the app. As an app user, you can add as much content as you want with flexible organization into folders. My Files is the best way for sales reps to bring their content into a powerful sales enablement platform. SoloFire makes it easy to find, show, and share track all your content!

Share Via Email & Text

The buying and selling process isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. There are multiple stakeholders involved that you have to engage and communicate with. To help maximize your success and increase response rates you need to communicate with them where they are, whether that’s via email or text. With SoloFire you can easily share content with your contacts via email or text. And you can send to multiple contacts at the same time while getting analytics for each individual. With this, you can identify champions or contacts that may be the most excited! Communicating with your clients is effortless with SoloFire.

Customer Experience: Customized Space for Each Prospect

We know that buyers expect their buying experiences to be personal to their needs. You have to keep them engaged and guide them to make the decision to buy what you are selling. With SoloFire you can give your buyers a personalized journey, create a valuable relationship, and deliver a positive customer experience.


One of the features that we are most excited to officially introduce is SoloFire Spaces. Forget the old, boring days of sending emails with file attachments to your prospects. With SoloFire Spaces you can share content in a way that is custom to each and every prospect. Once you select the pieces of content to send to your prospect, they will receive a custom Space that’s made specifically for them.

As you continue to send emails and text messages the same way with SoloFire, your customers will receive an awesome, new experience. We haven’t changed your workflow, we’ve just enhanced your customers’ experiences! The Space link stays the same so as you continue to share new content, the Space automatically updates. Your customers won’t have to worry about trying to find the newest link or the email with the file they are looking for.

With SoloFire Spaces you give your prospects the power to guide themselves through a personalized journey that’s filled with quality content. As they are viewing the content you share, they have the ability to email you within the space. This allows your prospects to contact you without having to leave the space. With one link, they have access to the content, and to you!

Want to see Spaces in action? Check it out here!

About SoloFire

Founded in 2014, SoloFire has helped thousands of daily users deliver over four million sales presentations in 82 countries. SoloFire has a significant Fortune 500 customer base and is a proven leader in the Health Care and Medical Device industries. SoloFire is available on iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows devices!

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