5 Reasons Sales Reps Need A Sales Asset App

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As a sales rep your primary responsibility is to sell your company’s product but often you are spending valuable time trying to find the right content to cater to your specific customers. With the help of a sales asset management app you can quickly find customized content and spend more time focused on the customer to win the deal.


Content At Your Fingertips

Targeted sales content is accessible through your app making it easy to open and share with customers on any device. As content is updated by your marketing team, it will automatically sync so you don’t have to worry about having outdated content. Contracts, videos, PowerPoints, case studies and more marketing collateral are synced to your app ready to be used!


More Time to Interact With the Customer

On average, sales reps spend up to 43 hours every month looking for content (Aberdeen, 2015). With a sales asset app, like Solofire, you are no longer going to have to waste time trying to find or create content. Sales leadership is giving you every tool you need to be successful so you can spend more time with the customer.


Tailored To Your Customer

You can create each presentation tailored to your customer and their needs using the content that’s been uploaded. After the presentation is over you can share those files and be alerted when they are viewed so you can follow up with them while it’s fresh on their minds.


Offline Access

On the road and you need access to your content? No problem. SoloFire is WiFi independent so you can present and share all the content to your customer without worrying about wi-fi connection. The next time your device connects to the web all your session analytics are sent to the cloud.


Lead Capture

You can immediately capture, evaluate, and score new leads right at the event. Each lead can be easily added to your CRM or marketing automation system immediately. SoloFire connects to Salesforce automatically saving your reps the headache of logging every detail about their sales meeting.


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