Salesforce integration with SoloFire, a sales enablement solution

Aaron Fisher

Marketing Manager – Megadyne

Megadyne (acquired by Ethicon) is an electrosurgical device company that provides healthcare professionals with electrosurgical equipment and accessories. When they came to us, they were looking for a custom sales enablement solution that could help eliminate some of their challenges. They wanted a solution that would integrate with their CRM, allow reps to send multiple emails, and serve as a single location to manage and deliver content. With the help of the SoloFire team, Megadyne was able to deploy a sales enablement solution to their sales force.

“Before using SoloFire, we had limited functionality. We made a major investment in, CRM solution. We wanted to be able to integrate with that and realized that our sales reps really needed to be able to send more than just one document at a time, and they couldn’t always be worrying about file size. And we wanted to control documents that were made available to the reps, that’s where SoloFire came into play.”

User-Friendly Sales Solution

It’s important to Megadyne that their sales tool is intuitive and easy to use. Sales reps need to be able to easily incorporate whatever tool into their sales workflow. If you give your reps a cumbersome tool, reps will become frustrated and adoption rates will be low. Sales reps already have a lot on their plate, they don’t need something else that doesn’t add value.

With our user-friendly interface, reps have easy access to sales collateral. As they present to prospects, they can share content straight from the app to their prospects. SoloFire is a mobile sales enablement platform that transforms your marketing materials into sales tools.

“The value of SoloFire to our sales rep is the fact that they don’t have to worry about making technology work. Their job is to sell our products, not figure how to use an app. SoloFire app is simple, easy to use, they can open it up and show a customer within 30 seconds. They can email multiple documents to that customer right then and there.”

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We provide valuable insights into how reps share content, and how prospects interact with it.  Reps know what surgeons or nurses interact with the shared content, so they can position their follow up accordingly.

Quickly Deploy Content to Sales Reps

The SoloFire app has many features and benefits, but one of Megadyne’s favorite things about SoloFire is the ability to quickly deploy content to their sales team. The marketing team (and other stakeholders) don’t worry that their reps might be sharing outdated content. With SoloFire, they are confident that their reps have the right content, meaning that it’s compliant and updated. As soon as marketing uploads content within our SoloFire admin platform, it’s automatically synced to the app.

“I love that I have complete control over how documents are uploaded, whether or not I need to make changes to those documents. I love how easy it is to get those documents out on the app for my sales team. As far as the app is concerned, I love how easy it is to use. It’s intuitive, you can open it up and find the documents you are looking for within just a few touches of your finger.”

Play-by-Play Recap of each Sales Engagement

Our admin platform is more than a place to manage content. With in-depth content and rep analytics, SoloFire gives a play-by-play recap of each sales engagement. These insights empower marketers with the intelligence they need to create powerful funnels of marketing content that help sales teams close deals more consistently.

“The reporting in SoloFire has been a great asset for us. It’s given us the ability to see whether a given document is ever looked at or if it’s ever emailed. Or if it’s emailed a ton and maybe that’s something that we need to look at improving, to make it even better.”

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