The Value of SoloFire To Megadyne

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Aaron Fisher

Marketing Manager – Megadyne

Megadyne is as an electrosurgical device company that provides healthcare professionals with electrosurgical equipment and accessories. With the help of the SoloFire team they were able to address several of their challenges and in the end come up with a fully customizable app to help their reps capture the sale.

“Before using SoloFire, we had limited functionality. We made a major investment in, CRM solution. We wanted to be able to integrate with that. We realized that our sales reps really needed to be able to send more than just one document at a time and they couldn’t always be worrying about file size. We wanted to control documents that were made available to the reps, that’s where SoloFire came into play.”

The Value of SoloFire

SoloFire is a customizable mobile sales enablement platform that transforms your marketing materials into sales tools for the one-to-one sales engagement. It automatically keeps your marketing and sales team in sync.

“The value of SoloFire to our sales rep is the fact that they don’t have to worry about making technology work. Their job is to sell our products, not figure how to use an app. SoloFire app is simple, easy to use, they can open it up and show a customer within 30 seconds. They can email multiple documents to that customer right then and there.”

We provide valuable insights into how your content is being viewed and shared by your sales team and customers, helping you maximize your marketing budget and optimize your content. It tracks the files shared with your customers. SoloFire sends a return email back to the sales rep so that they know, yes that surgeon has opened up that file or the nurse has watched the video. Now reps can time their follow up accordingly to get the win.

Favorite Things About SoloFire

The SoloFire app has many features and benefits, but a couple of Megadyne’s favorite things about SoloFire is the ease of use and the ability to quickly deploy content to their sales team.

“I love that I have complete control over how documents are uploaded, whether or not I need to make changes to those documents. I love how easy it is to get those documents out on the app for my sales team. As far as the app is concerned, I love how easy it is to use. It’s intuitive, you can open it up and find the documents you are looking for within just a few touches of your finger.”

SoloFire gives you a play-by-play recap of each sales engagement, empowering marketers with the intelligence they need to create powerful funnels of marketing content that help sales teams close deals more consistently.

“The reporting in solofire has been a great asset for us. It’s given us the ability to see whether a given document is ever looked at or if it’s ever emailed. Or if it’s emailed a ton and maybe that’s something that we need to look at improving, to make it even better.”

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