five essential tools sales reps need

Advancements in technology have given sales reps more options than ever before. It seems like every month there is another product that promises to fix all your sales woes. Here’s our list of five essential sales tools that you should incorporate into your sales strategy.

Mobile is a Must Have

This might seem obvious but we felt like it was worth mentioning. We are no longer in a world where the typical office hours are 8-5. Tools, like mobile devices, have enabled sales reps to be more accessible than ever before. By having a device like an iPhone or iPad, it streamlines communication with your customers by calls, emails, texts, or other messages. It also allows you to share content (graphics, videos, powerpoints, etc.) with customers for a real-time visual presentation to enhance your pitch.

Sales Enablement Platform

In a perfect world, the sales and marketing departments are closely aligned. However, that’s easier said than done. By using a sales enablement platform it helps bridge your sales and marketing teams. When they are closely aligned they can work together to improve customer interaction and ultimately close deals.

SoloFire is a mobile sales enablement platform that helps sales and marketing teams get in sync and become an efficient sales organization. It provides complete control over all content available to your sales force, including marketing assets and training materials.  With a sales enablement platform, you can transform marketing materials into sales tools for sales engagements. You empower your sales team with immediate access to accurate and approved content, and ensure version control between the sales and marketing teams to make content fragmentation a thing of the past.

With SoloFire, the silos between marketing and sales are connected, aligning the efforts of the two teams!

CRM Platform

A Customer Relationship Management platform, or CRM (like, is a platform that helps you keep track of customer information, leads, and data in one location. The biggest benefit of a CRM is it helps reps get to revenue faster by moving leads through a carefully crafted sales funnel. SoloFire’s integration with Salesforce saves your reps time because it automatically passes information right into Salesforce. Now your reps don’t need to fill in all the tedious meeting details afterward. With a SoloFire and CRM integration, critical data from each sales engagement is automatically delivered and recorded into your CRM letting your sales rep focus on selling, while SoloFire maintains data integrity.

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Social Media Networks

Get social! A strong professional online presence for each rep is vital in today’s world because it shows prospective customers that you are an active participant in your industry. It’s important to share valuable industry-related content, engage with prospective customers, and build relationships. 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media.

But how many people are on social media platforms? Simply put, a lot. Facebook has 2.375 billion active users and LinkedIn has 310 million users. Think of all those potential customers just waiting for you.

By having a social media presence you are able to find and connect with prospects more effectively than traditional methods. While there are many popular social networking sites, you need to determine which one is going to be the most beneficial for you and where your target audience is spending most of their time.


The largest professional social media network provides a way to connect with other professionals and expand your network. Your profile showcases your education, work experience, awards, and hobbies. You can also join groups where your customers are learning and sharing ideas, that’s where you step in. You can interact with them and help offer solutions with what you and your company can bring to the table that will benefit them and their needs.


With more users than Linkedin, Facebook is great for building brand awareness, loyalty, and driving traffic to your company’s website. It’s more of a casual setting where everyone is on Facebook and checking their feed throughout the day, even at work. Besides the common features such as “liking” a post or commenting, they also offer features like promoting an in-person or virtual event or creating a group related to your product. There’s no question that you need to be present on Facebook with 2.375 billion active users.

Marketing Automation

With all the tools available today there is no reason to manually send lead nurturing emails or manually post to each of your social networks. Work can get hectic between meetings, managing employees and customers, as well as maintaining an online social presence. With marketing automation, you are able to engage with your customers automatically. schedule and publish social media posts, emails, and other marketing actions without any manual effort. You are able to monitor and track your engagement and analytics so you can adjust future campaigns.

Here are just a couple of our favorites…


An email marketing service for small businesses but can handle large volumes of emails for big businesses and organizations. Easy to use with many pre-made templates that you can customize to fit you and your brand. You can work with your marketing team to create emails. But it’s also user-friendly enough, that if you just wanted to send out a quick email blast to prospects you could do that too. That way you don’t have to send thousands of prospecting emails one by one. After each email campaign is sent out you have access to detailed analytics to help with future campaigns. Oh, did I mention it’s very affordable?

Social Media Management Platform

Manage all of your social media in one place! One platform out there that we like is Hootsuite. You can create and schedule content in advance for all your personal social media networks. Say goodbye to having to manually post, Hootsuite automatically publishes your content when you want to and where you want to. They also have an organization feature when you can share and assign content with your team.

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