3 Reasons Why Marketers Need A Sales App

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In an ideal world, the marketing team and sales reps work perfectly together to capture customers and get the sale. But that’s easier said than done. One of the biggest headaches for marketers is that they put all their time and effort into creating content but up to 80% of marketing content goes unused (Sirius Decisions, 2013), or it isn’t used to its maximum potential. There’s a solution: a sales enablement app.


You’re In Control

With a sales app, marketers are able to create content and control what reps have access to what content. You can easily hide, lock, or revoke content access (they can’t go rogue on you). As soon as you add or update new content it is synced automatically in the background, helping you stay in sync with your sales team. Sales reps will be equipped with the right tools to get the sale.


Brand Integrity

You can apply unique app branding to match your needs of a unified and consistent branded experience. With SoloFire you can easily apply your logo and brand colors throughout your presentation app to create a consistent branded experience. You can create branding profiles based on user credentials so, you can deliver content for reps around the world each with their own unique brand.


Instant Feedback

Once marketers hand over the content to the sales rep, that’s usually the last time you will see it. You don’t know if it got used or if it did, how beneficial was it in winning the deal. With SoloFire, you get actual user-generated analytics and feedback giving you the ability to assess the value of individual marketing content and the visibility to identify which collateral most effectively facilitates sales. SoloFire gives you a play-by-play recap of each sales engagement. This will allow you to know where to spend your time in creating content that will be most beneficial to you and your sales team.


By using a sales app like Solofire it helps align sales and marketing which is proven to deliver 19% more growth (Sirius Decisions, 2015). You are given valuable insights into how your content is viewed and shared by your sales team. Interested in learning more about SoloFire? Request a demo!

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