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Your marketing team creates all this awesome content for your sales teams to use out in the field, but are you tracking the effectiveness of it? Not just guesstimating, but actually looking at the analytics behind every piece of marketing collateral?

If not, you should be.

Without tracking and receiving analytics on your content, you can never really know what content is successful with your reps and your customers.

If you are already convinced that you need to track your marketing collateral you can just scroll down to How to Track Marketing and Sales Collateral.

But if you’re still not sure, let’s talk about why tracking content is so valuable…

Actionable Content Analytics

Once marketing hands-off content to sales they usually don’t know what happens next. It’s a lot like tossing it over the fence and hoping for the best. Did the reps use it? Did they even see it? Was it helpful? Marketing receives no visibility once they turn content over to sales reps. They have no idea if the content they are creating is really helping sales.

When you track your marketing collateral, marketing receives insight into what content is being used. They can see what content is helping sales reps (or what’s not) and continue to create optimized content. When they see a piece of content is performing, they can make others like it. Or if there’s a piece of content that could be improved, they know to go back to the drawing board. These analytics helps your sales and marketing teams work together to create an engaging journey for buyers.

Save Time and Money

Instead of spending a good amount of time and money creating content and hoping that it’s effective, wouldn’t you rather know that it will work? Backed up with user-generated analytics? It can be very frustrating to spend resources on content that brings no ROI. Tracking marketing collateral gives you insights into what is being viewed and shared, so you know what’s working and what’s not. You can minimize the time and money spent as your marketing team creates content, and maximize the effectiveness of your content.

Give Reps Content that Actually Supports Sales

Your content is probably one of the first things that your prospects will interact with and it needs to make a good impression. According to DemandGen, 51% of B2B buyers rely on content now to research their buying decisions. They want interactive content that educates them and caters to their needs and wants.

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As you track your sales and marketing collateral, you’ll be able to have a better understanding of the effectiveness of your content. With these insights, you can create and distribute even more powerful content to your reps. You know how content is being shared, who is sharing it, and how often it’s being shared. You can equip reps with sales collateral that moves buyers through each stage of the buying process.

Now you know the why behind tracking marketing collateral, but you might be asking how do you track it?

How to Track Marketing and Sales Collateral 

Do you remember the days of sending emails with file attachments? Or maybe you’re still doing that. Either way, it’s outdated and not helpful. You receive no insights if the email is opened or if your customer is engaging with the content you shared. You end up sending multiple emails hoping that they open one.

Earlier in this post, we talked about marketers getting frustrated once they hand their content over to the sales teams because they get no insights. Well, this is the same thing. Sales teams are handing over content to prospects and getting no insights into their interactions.

SoloFire tracks your marketing and sales collateral! Both teams get real-time feedback on content, with insights they care about to do their job successfully.

We empower marketing with the intelligence they need to create powerful funnels of marketing content. They receive in-depth insights into their content, what reps are using it, how many times it’s being showed and shared. All these analytics are delivered on our powerful admin platform so your marketers can optimize content.

We empower sales reps with their metrics, how they share and present content. As they share content, they can track when their prospects interact with their content and what they view. All the data is delivered to them on an interactive contact timeline. This helps them know how to position their next conversation.

Track your Content with SoloFire

Tracking your marketing collateral is a powerful way to see whether or not you’re getting the results you want. You learn what pieces of content are facilitating sales and what can be improved. SoloFire tracks your sales and marketing collateral as it gets shared from your sales reps to prospects. You can focus on creating and sharing content, and we’ll give you analytics every step of the way. Request a demo to see how you can track your marketing collateral with SoloFire!

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