PART 3 – Are You Ready for a Sales Enablement Solution?

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Over the last couple of weeks we have been discussing questions that need answering when considering a sales enablement solution. Have you read part 1 and part 2 yet? If not, make sure you check those out first.

Okay now let’s get onto part 3!

The following questions are important to consider as you evaluate a sales enablement solution and if you are ready…


Can sales reps access and present content without WiFi Connectivity?

Sales reps are often in areas that restrict WiFi or may have poor connectivity. Access to WiFi should never impact a rep’s ability to access or present content. With SoloFire you no longer have to worry about that. SoloFire is WiFi independent so you can present and share all the content to your customer without worrying about wi-fi connection. The next time your device connects to the web all your session analytics are sent to the cloud.

Are sellers alerted if/when a buyer is engaging with content? What kind of tracking information is available?

After you have presented to your client, you can send files that will help effectively facilitate the sale via email quickly and easily from the app. SoloFire tracks the files you share with your customers and instantly notifies you when they view them. You can follow up with them while it’s fresh on their minds and ready to act. These notifications improve response time and increase buyer engagement. Salespeople should be able to see if/when buyers view content being consumed. This level of content visibility allows sales and marketing leaders to determine what content is most used and therefore most relevant for sales reps.

What is the customer experience when receiving content from seller?

Sales reps have the capabilities to customize each presentation to match the customer’s needs with the help of SoloFire. An intuitive and branded experience with seller’s content on any device should reinforce with a customer the value of the engagement and increase brand recognition. The content the customer receives from the seller is created specifically for them and targets their needs.

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As you were going through these questions I’m sure more questions came to your mind! SoloFire can help answer all those questions and give your company the tools to maximize your engagement between sales reps and customers. Contact us today for a demo!

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