Are you ready for a sales enablement solution part 3

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been discussing questions that you should answer as you consider a sales enablement solution. If you haven’t read part 1 and part 2, be sure to check them out first!

Now let’s get onto part 3! Here are some things you should consider as you evaluate a sales enablement solution and if you are ready to implement one within your company…

Total Engagement from Sales, Teams, and Prospects

I think we can all agree that engagement is important, whether you are apart of the sales, training, or marketing team. As a marketer, you want your content to be used by your reps in their sales presentations. As a trainer, you want to make sure your employees are actually engaging with the training content you’ve assigned them. And as a sales rep, you want to know when and what content your prospects are engaging with. When you are considering a sales enablement solution, it’s vital that you consider what the engagement will be from your sales reps, your other teams (like marketing and training), and your prospects.

Can sales reps access and present content without WiFi connectivity?

So your company invests in a new sales tool and you are all excited because you finally found the sales solution that your reps will actually use. Or so you think. Then one of your reps is on-site visiting a client, ready to present, and they can’t. They don’t have access to a wifi connection. They can’t open any files or use any of the marketing collateral. Now your rep is frustrated, and overtime stops using the sales tool altogether because it doesn’t work when it should.

Access to WiFi should never impact a rep’s ability to access or present content. Sales reps are often in areas that restrict WiFi or may have poor connectivity. With SoloFire you no longer have to worry about that. SoloFire is WiFi independent so your reps can present and share content to customers without worrying about wi-fi connection. The next time the device connects to the web, all the session analytics are sent to the cloud.

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Are sellers alerted if/when a buyer is engaging with content? What kind of tracking information is available?

After your reps present to their clients, they can send files that will help effectively facilitate the sale via email (or text) quickly and easily from the app. SoloFire tracks the files shared with your customers and instantly notifies reps when files are viewed. Your reps can follow up with them while it’s fresh on the clients’ minds and ready to act. These notifications improve response time and increase buyer engagement. Sales reps should be able to see if and when buyers view content. This level of content visibility allows sales and marketing leaders to determine what content is most used and therefore most relevant for sales reps.

What is the customer experience when receiving content from the seller?

You want your prospects to engage with your sales reps, right? Well, sales reps have the capability to customize each presentation to match the customer’s needs with the help of a sales enablement solution. An intuitive and branded experience with the seller’s content on any device should reinforce with a customer the value of the engagement and increase brand recognition. As sales reps share content personalized to their needs, they create an engaging experience for each and every customer.

Can your stakeholders see user and content engagement?

Like I mentioned earlier, your marketing and training teams need to be aware of user and content engagement too. Do they know hat content is being used? Or what content is providing value to reps out in the field? Your sales enablement solution should give provide engagement analytics to your stakeholders so they can make smarter decisions, and engaging content. SoloFire gives your stakeholders the 4-1-1- on your content and users so you can effectively measure engagement within your teams, and your prospects. What good is your content if not even your reps will use it?

Increase Sales Engagement with a Sales Enablement Solution

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