PART 2 – Are You Ready for a Sales Enablement Solution?

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Last week we introduced part one of a four part series of questions that need answering when considering a sales enablement solution. If you missed part one on content and message control, check it out here. If you are ready for part two, read on!

The following questions are important to consider as you evaluate a sales enablement solution and if you are ready for one…

Discover and Search

How can sellers find content relevant to their needs within the platform?

Sellers shouldn’t have to wade through mountains of content in different repositories to find what they need. A well-designed platform will offer intuitive ways to find content that includes dynamic search and easy-to-navigate user interfaces.

With SoloFire, sales reps no longer have to waste time searching for sales materials. Sales reps have access to all content stored in a central repository and it integrates seamlessly with other content storage solutions such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Easily search for content by name or keywords and you can filter content by name, date, or file type.


How is data collected to improve future content recommendations?

Feedback on content usage and the ability to rank content is crucial for effective content recommendations and predictive selling. Leveraging data on content usage and sales effectiveness leads to smarter budget spend on content development for marketers.

Once marketers hand over the content to the sales rep, that’s usually the last time you will see it. You don’t know if it got used or if it did, how beneficial was it in winning the deal. With SoloFire analytics you get real-time feedback of the value of individual marketing assets and the visibility to identify which collateral most effectively facilitates sales. SoloFire gives you a play-by-play recap of each sales engagement. This will allow you to know where to spend your time in creating content that will be most beneficial to you and your sales team.


What search infrastructure does the platform use?

A powerful search engine is necessary for procuring content and serving it up in a timely manner. We are crunching data metrics across your entire sales force to provide your sales reps with the right content. What’s hot, what are my peers using, what are they sharing with clients… SoloFire has your back.


How do marketers and sales know which content is trending in usage and declining in usage?

Sellers should have the ability to see what content their peers are presenting and emailing to their customers most frequently.

With SoloFire, marketers and sales have insight readily available at their fingertips within the app. They can see what content is viewed the most, share and emailed with customers, and trending favorites within the sales reps. This helps the sellers know what content is most effective and how they can utilize it into their sales presentations.

Marketers can take it a step further on the app administration side and look to see what content is performing well (or not). They can filter the reports to show usage by reps, what files are being shared (or not being shared), and compare numbers throughout different periods of time. They can then take these analytics with them and go back to the drawing board to help them to optimize content and tools for the sales reps.


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If you found yourself going through these questions and realized that a sales enablement platform would help you and your company when it comes to discovering and searching within your content, look no further. Contact us today for a SoloFire demo!

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