trade show display using a sales enablement platform

Trade shows provide a great way for buyers and sellers to connect face-to-face. And create new relationships while strengthening existing ones. But, let’s not forget the investment required to have a successful trade show booth. It takes a lot of planning, time, and resources!

Here are four ways you can incorporate a sales enablement platform into your trade show strategy to make sure you get the most out of your investment!

1. Pre-Trade Show Marketing

You need to start working before the event even begins! Pre-trade show marketing is one of the most important steps for maximizing your trade show ROI. You want to make sure that people are aware of the shows and conferences you’re attending. Let them know your booth location, who is attending, and things you’ll be sharing!

SoloFire Showcases are a great way to market your trade show before you go! With our sales enablement platform, you can create a custom landing page (no design help is needed) filled with relevant content. Once you select the content you want to share via SoloFire, our platform automatically generates a landing page and a unique link. You can send this link out to clients, attendees, and prospects and invite them to stop by for personalized demo while at the trade show. Your marketing team can send this out in an email blast and your reps can share it in their emails!

2. Prepare Sales Reps with Winning Content

Trade show exhibits and conferences have a highly focused audience, giving you access to your target audience in one place. And 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority. So how do you make sure that your reps are prepared for every conversation? A sales enablement platform.

With a sales enablement platform, your marketing team can distribute personalized content that your reps need to successfully engage with visitors. All the content is readily available within the app. Your reps have instant access to compelling and valuable content that they can share. As attendees spend their day walking from booth to booth, it’s important that you can differentiate your company from other exhibitors. Your impressive sales reps prepared with effective content is just the way to do that.

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3. Attract and Engage Visitors at the Show

The average attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing trade show exhibits. That’s a lot of time for your reps to meet people and create valuable connections. But the trick is getting them to visit your booth.

That’s where 360-degree videos and virtual reality come into play. You can attract people to stop by your booth and give them a fully immersive experience. As a bonus, this can draw a crowd, attracting even more attendees eager to participate in your VR experience. With unlimited virtual floor space, your reps can easily show a new machine or product in real life scale. VR allows your team to engage with attendees and tell your brand’s story in a memorable way. SoloFire supports 360-degree videos and virtual reality all within the app.

4. Follow Up and Track Leads

The trade show has ended, now what? You have new leads you need to follow up with and convert! However, just 6% of marketers believe their company converts trade show leads, contacts, and conversations into customer business extremely well. That’s a very low ROI for all the work it takes to market, exhibit, and successfully execute trade show booths.

We know how important it is to keep the conversation going so we’ve created a way for you to do just that! SoloFire allows you to share and track all your sales and marketing content. As reps share content, it’s delivered in a beautiful Space. Because it’s more than just a boring follow-up email, your prospects get a personalized experience, filled with content they actually want to see. As they interact with content, your sales reps receive insights so they know how to position the next conversation.

As you can see, a sales enablement platform has multiple uses to improve your trade show booth! It helps sales and marketing make the most of the leads collected. Want to see a SoloFire Space in action? Check it out here.

We are excited to be sponsoring and presenting at the Medical Device and Diagnostic Sales Enablement Conference on July 23-24 in Chicago, IL. Use code SOLOFIRE to receive $200 off of your registration. See you there!

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