Why Bard Reps Love SoloFire

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Erica Vigneau

Bard Marketing Communications Manager

Bard is a leader in creating innovative products and services that meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients. Their customized mobile sales app, powered by SoloFire, has allowed their reps to access content for marketing and sales right at the tip of their fingers, whether it be on their iPad or iPhone.

“I absolutely love [SoloFire], and my reps love it too. It makes our rep’s jobs easier essentially because they now have access to anything and everything in one place. It will be a win-win not only for you, the person that’s managing it, but also for the team that will be utilizing it.” – Erica Vigneau

Instant Feedback

Good riddance to the marketing guessing games and finger pointing. SoloFire provides instant feedback on how your marketing and sales assets are being used in the field.  With actual user-generated analytics on your side the marketing team to understand which marketing tools are the most effective, what reps are using the app, and what content is being utilized the most by reps to help your team create even more effective content.

SoloFire also tracks the files you share with your customers and instantly notifies you when they receive and view those files so you can follow up with them while it’s fresh on their minds and they are ready to act.

“The greatest thing about SoloFire that our reps love and that I love too, is that when a rep send files to the customers and the customers receive those files when they click on that link it allows the reps to be notified exactly what the customer is clicking on and that’s basically an in for the rep.”

New Content? No problem.

SoloFire automatically keeps marketing and sales in sync. Any new or updated content is synced automatically in the background so your reps are always up to date and ready to go.

“ [SoloFire] allows me to upload new files within seconds so reps can get access to even brand new things while they are out on the road.”

Contact us to discuss whether SoloFire is right for your current needs! Our team is comprised of experts who are here to offer support, answer your questions, and demonstrate SoloFire’s capabilities.

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