360° Videos and Virtual Reality

Incorporate 360-degree videos and Virtual Reality (VR) into your rep development, clinician training, and sales strategy to improve retention rates, create lasting impressions and increase sales efficiency.

Train, Practice, and Improve Sales Pitches

Create immersive, memorable training experiences for your sales reps with 360-degree videos and VR. As they practice selling in real world situations they will be ready for any sales conversation. After all, practice makes perfect!

Deliver Impressive, Interactive Sales Presentations

VR gives your sales reps the ability to showcase your company’s products in an exciting way! Prospects can engage with intangibles, or even a big piece of equipment, right on the spot! Much more impressive than just handing them an outdated “one sheet”.

Prepare Providers and
Clinicians Effectively

With VR and 360-degree videos, clinicians get hands-on opportunities to learn and reach proficiency with accurate, interactive, and repeatable training. This reduces errors and liability costs, while improving patient safety and clinical decision-making. 

Power Trade Show Booths
with 360 Videos & VR

Load up the SoloFire app with 360° videos, AR, & VR​  experiences for your sales reps to use on the floor. With interactive content, reps can attract and engage with visitors. Make your booth (and content) the talk of the show.

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