Today we are releasing two key features that will help sales reps sell more proactively. We know how important content and analytics are in the sales process. We believe arming sales reps with awesome content and actionable data delivers a better customer experience. Here at SoloFire, we want you to be proactive in selling, so you can help guide your customers through a personalized sales journey.


Share Via Email and Text

The sales process is no longer a one-to-one interaction. Purchasing is done by a committee, filled with multiple stakeholders from the VP of Marketing, to the Product Manager, and more.

This means that content needs to be easily accessible and shareable. Whether that’s an in-person presentation or just simply finding and sharing content while sitting at the airport waiting for a flight. Sales reps need to be able to reach their customers wherever they are, email or text.

When you email people you can now email the whole group at the same time, and each one gets unique data so you can engage with each person when it’s the right time. You can also text from any of our platforms, mobile or desktop. Text messaging is where most of your client base is, so why not communicate in the way that’s most convenient for them!


Pulse Dashboard

You and Your Team

See first hand how you’re doing compared to your peers, and how your team is doing overall. A lot of the time field based reps aren’t sitting next to each other every day so we want to make sure you still feel apart of the team!

Contact Activity

Get detailed contact activity every time you share content with your customers. With an interactive timeline for each contact, you can see when they open your files and what they viewed. You can look back at every interaction throughout history. These insights empower you to plan your day, strategically make the right move, and follow up while it’s fresh on your client’s mind.

Recently Added Content

Having quick access to the latest and greatest content is invaluable when you are trying to engage with your prospects. This section allows you to see what content is new so you don’t have to spend your valuable time digging for it.

Trending Content

Quick access to the All-Star content that you and your team use frequently during sales conversations. Expedite the on-boarding process for new reps. They can understand and see what their peers are using, and know what content is working!


Team-centric communication so you can send out special announcements about events, promos, updates, etc., without cluttering your reps’ inboxes. Now you know your messages won’t get lost.

With these added features, sharing and tracking your content has never been easier! SoloFire is THE sales enablement solution built for field reps.


About SoloFire

Founded in 2014, SoloFire has helped thousands of daily users deliver over four million sales presentations in 82 countries. SoloFire has a significant Fortune 500 customer base and is a proven leader in the Health Care and Medical Device industries. SoloFire is available on iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows devices so app users can access their app wherever they are, on their favorite device.

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