3 Reasons Why Hologic Loves SoloFire

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Mallory Berko

Associate Product Director – Hologic

Hologic, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic products, medical imaging systems and surgical products. With the help of SoloFire, they have been able to create a fully customizable app that matched their vision and made it a reality. They are able to bring the product to their rep’s hands, which allows them to show their customers the product in real time. It instills confidence in the sales reps because they have something to show other than just a piece of paper.

“They can actually demo through the product as they would as if it were sitting in their facility. [Solofire] is more hands on. It’s more interactive. But, it also allows us to provide all of our tools to our reps in one place to easily access when talking to our customers.”



On the user side, reps have the ability to show the animation, how the product works, and show images as if the radiologist was looking at it in real time on the reading workstation giving the customer a hands on experience. The fully customizable app, powered by SoloFire, helps paint the picture of the product without actually having to handle the  hardware.



On the app administration side, it’s the convenience of Solofire, the ease of use. You can easily see users, who is using it (or not), and what content is being used. From the marketer’s standpoint, that’s priceless information because it gives ‘real life’ insight which can be used to optimize content and tools available to the sales rep. It helps give feedback on the content and tools available to the sales rep. Hologic really likes having all their sales and marketing content in one convenient location.


With SoloFire you can go beyond simply managing sales and marketing assets. Hologic takes delivering your sales and marketing assets to a whole new level with a fully immersive app all powered by SoloFire.

[Solofire] is a good investment. It meets a lot of our business needs, both on the back end and front end. I would definitely recommend it.

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