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Case Study: Hologic


Hologic, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic products, medical imaging systems and surgical products.


One of the biggest problems Hologic faced was how their sales reps were lacking content to use in presentations. They couldn’t physically bring their products to show to prospective customers so they needed an alternative.


With the help of SoloFire, they have been able to create a fully customizable app that matched their vision and made it a reality. Hologic is now able to put the product in their rep’s hands digitally, which allows them to show their customers the product in real time. It instills confidence in the sales reps because they have something to show other than just a piece of paper.

SoloFire allows reps to show products in real time from the app

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They can actually demo through the product as they would as if it were sitting in their facility. [SoloFire] is more hands on. It’s more interactive. But, it also allows us to provide all of our tools to our reps in one place to easily access when talking to our customers.
Mallory Berko
Associate Product Director, Hologic