Sales & Marketing Teams in Different Dimensions [Infographic]

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In reality, sales and marketing are on the same team working towards the same goal – to close more deals. But they often operate like they are in different dimensions. Trust us, we know your pain. We’ve been there and it isn’t fun. That’s why we created SoloFire.

SoloFire is a sales enablement platform that helps align sales and marketing. For marketers, that means you get actionable data into how your content is used by your sales reps. For sales reps, that means you have content at your fingertips that helps close deals. SoloFire helps align your departments so they aren’t working in different dimensions.

Check out this cool sales and marketing infographic we’ve created to show the sales and marketing dimensions, and how SoloFire helps solve silos between teams! We’ve added an embed code below so you can share it on your site!

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About SoloFire

SoloFire is a sales enablement platform that empowers over 4 million sales presentations around the world. We provide sales and marketing teams, and other stakeholders, with proactive analytics so teams can do their jobs better, and close more deals! Sales reps can easily access all their sales content they need for pitches and presentations via the SoloFire app. As they share content with prospects and customers, they receive insights into what content they viewed so they know how to position their next conversation. Marketing gets insights into how reps are sharing content, and what content is performing. They can take these insights with them to create even more powerful content! With SoloFire, you can make sure your teams are on the same page and working together.

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