how to increase sales effectiveness

Sales managers are constantly looking for ways that they can increase sales, and it really comes down to the effectiveness of their sales teams. Today we are going to give you 6 tips to help increase sales effectiveness while helping your sales reps at the same time!

1. Establish Strong Collaboration between Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing teams have different responsibilities, but they work best when they collaborate with one another!  When the two departments are aligned, finger-pointing between the two doesn’t exist. Marketing no longer becomes frustrated because they aren’t wasting time creating content that goes unused. And sales have the content they need to speak to their prospect’s pain points. As they collaborate with one another they can really pin down their target market.

As sales and marketing work together with the same goal in mind (closing more sales), they create impactful content that gives value to their prospects. Sales and marketing alignment can help businesses become 67% better at closing deals. Who doesn’t want that?

2. Continually Train Sales Reps

Ongoing training is just as important as initial onboarding for new sales reps. Sales training managers are learning that force-feeding information all at once isn’t beneficial, and ends up costing more money in the long run. However, companies are still training new hires for only a couple of days! Only 37% of companies extend their onboarding and training past the first month.

An easy way to incorporate ongoing learning is to have resources that are readily available for your reps that they can access anytime. Fill your library with content such as a sales playbook, case studies, best practices, pricing sheets, pre-made templates, and common lead objections and solutions. If reps ever have any question they can refer back to these resources. Be sure to continue to create and update resources as needed. Whether you release a new product or you notice that there’s a gap in the existing content. As you continue to provide training to your reps, they will become even more confident in the sales field.

3. Provide Sales with a Single Source of Truth

You have files located all over the place – in your email, Dropbox, Google Drive, a local server… you get the picture. So how do you expect your sales reps to use the updated, compliant content when you can’t even find it yourself?

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s beneficial to have resources readily available in a content library! When you make your content easily accessible in a single location, you can be assured that your reps are always sharing the right content. They won’t be wasting their time trying to find content. And it also serves as a reference point they don’t have to think twice about.

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4. Give Customers Valuable Content

Content influences the purchasing decision more than anything else! Your buyers want content that speaks to their needs and their specific pain points. If you give them a promotional piece of content they will likely quickly glance at it and move on, or ignore it altogether.

In a survey done by the Content Marketing Institute, they found that the three most important qualities of content involved in the purchasing decision-making process are…

  • Speaks specific needs and/or pain points (62%)
  • Provides product/service specifications (57%)
  • Is more educational than promotional in nature (43%)

As your marketing team is creating and optimizing content, make sure they address specific pain points. This is where collaboration with the sales team becomes really important. After all, sales can give marketing the inside scoop because they know their prospects best (well at least they should).

5. Empower Sales Reps to Make Metric-Driven Decisions

Sales reps are expected to engage with prospects, nurture them through the buying process, and ultimately close the deal. But how are they suppose to do that? Send an email, hope their prospects view the files, send up multiple follow up messages, and keep calling only to be sent to voicemail? That doesn’t sound very effective, because it isn’t.

Sales reps are constantly trying to sell in the dark. They have no idea how their prospects engage with their content. Did they open it? Did they view a specific piece of content seven times? That’s where metrics come in! Your marketing team is equipped with analytics and insights, but what about your sales team? As you give sales reps metrics into their prospects’ interactions they will be empowered to make the right next course of action! They will know who to follow up with, and when.

6. Utilize a Sales Enablement Software

So we’ve covered different ways you can increase sales effectiveness, but there has to be a digital tool out there that helps you accomplish it all, right? Well, there is! It’s called a sales enablement software. A sales enablement software is like a swiss army knife with lots of different ways you can use it to increase sales effectiveness.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the ways you can use a sales enablement software within your company…

  • Align your sales and marketing teams
  • Onboard and continue to train your reps
  • Provide a way for your marketing team to successfully deliver valuable content to your reps
  • Track your sales teams, their performance, and how their prospects are interacting with content
  • Give all your teams actionable metrics to help them know what to do next. Marketing knows what content is working, and what’s underperforming. Sales know how their prospects are interacting with their content.

As you incorporate a sales enablement software into your sales strategy, you’ll watch your sales effectiveness increase! 84% of sales reps can achieve their quotas when their company engages with best-in-class sales enablement strategies.

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