Are you ready for a sales enablement solution part 4

Today we are going to cover our last part of our “Are you ready for a sales enablement solution?” series. If you missed out on parts 1, part 2, and part 3, be sure to read those out and then come back here for part 4!

The following questions are important to consider as you evaluate a sales enablement platform for your business.


Sellers are increasingly mobile-based and need to be able to access all of their tools on the go. A sales enablement solution will strive to provide them with a number of tools to be successful at their job – and they need those tools on the go as well.

Please detail the mobile experience for your solution.

In an increasingly mobile world people need mobile access to the platforms they use every day to be successful. By having a device like an iPhone or iPad, it streamlines how sales reps communicate with customers by calls, emails, texts, or other messages. With SoloFire, your sales reps can easily access great sales collateral on their phone or tablet, wherever they are!


What capabilities are available for the mobile experience?

The solution should have the full suite of services available on its mobile experience to ensure people can still access the services they need.

No wifi? No problem. Your reps can present and share all they want and it will automatically sync next time the device connects to the internet.

Sales reps don’t need to be connected to the internet to present solutions with SoloFire. All Sales collateral can added to their device for use offline. That means sales reps don’t need to worry about getting a wifi password before they can start selling. All their videos, testimonials, product brochures, etc… are readily available. Now your sales rep can pivot a conversation with confidence.


Please detail the operating systems and versions for which the mobile app is available.

The more systems on which the app is available, the more likely it will be widely used. The SoloFire App Store enables you to distribute iOS, Android, Windows and Mac apps to your whole sales force with just one link.

We recently just launched our standard SoloFire app on Google Play and the iTunes App Store, making SoloFire available for every business.


How can the seller take action with sales content right from the mobile app?

The mobile experience should be as close to possible as the desktop version and that includes taking action with content. With SoloFire, sales reps don’t need to worry about content that’s left on their desktop. All the content they need is loaded and ready to go on the app. When material is updated by the marketing team it is automatically synced so content fragmentation is a thing of the past.

Within the app you can easily create a customized presentation tailored to meet the needs of each client. After the presentation, the sales reps can instantly send files to clients to keep it fresh in their mind and receive instant feedback when it’s viewed by the client.


So Are You Ready?

As we wrap up the series and you determined that you are indeed ready for a sales enablement solution, look no further. SoloFire helps you connect sales to your best content on their favorite device. It’s fully customizable and the possibilities are endless, contact us today for a demo.

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