With eight years of experiencethousands of daily users harnessing SoloFire’s functionality, and nearly three million sales presentations being delivered so far, SoloFire is a proven sales enablement solution. We love our customers and we are constantly working with them, and their feedback, to make SoloFire the best it can be. We recently sent out a survey to see how our customers were using SoloFire and to gather any feedback that they had.

Our Customers Love SoloFire

SoloFire is a solution that solves many problems as a mobile sales enablement platform. It is clear that our customers love SoloFire. The survey showed us that they love having all their content in one central location, the ability to share and send content customized to each client, that they can pull out their phone (or tablet) and present on the spot, play videos, and many other features that help them along the sales process, and ultimately help them get more sales.

One customer said it best – “[SoloFire] makes me happy”. We couldn’t agree more.

With SoloFire, the silos between marketing and sales are connected. By aligning the efforts of the two teams this increases the likelihood of success through increased revenue and an increase in the number of deals closed. SoloFire provides complete control over the content available to Sales. It transforms marketing materials into sales tools for sales engagements, empowers the sales team with immediate access to accurate and approved content. It even ensures version control between the sales and marketing teams to make content fragmentation a thing of the past.

SoloFire is the solution that solves all of the problems detailed above, as a mobile sales enablement platform that helps sales and marketing teams to become in sync and become efficient organizations.

Survey Says…

Here’s some statistics from our survey, and what our customers had to say about SoloFire…

“No need to carry brochures, readily available most of the time!”

Say goodbye to the days of carrying around stacks of printed materials or spend hours trying to search for the right content. Now all the content you need for a sales pitch is in one app – fast and easy access.

“Ability to email information at your fingertips”

As soon as you are done with the presentation you can share those files with your potential clients and be alerted when they are viewed. That way you can follow up while it’s fresh in their minds and close the deal.

“I am in Marketing and I want to make sure the documents I create/provide are available for our Sales Reps and located in a place it is intuitive and easy to locate and download.”

Not only does SoloFire help your sales rep, but it’s also beneficial for your marketing team. Now your marketing team can be sure all the collateral they have created is easily accessible and ready to be used by your sales reps.

“It is vital, it is impossible to remember all data/product information which is what I constantly reference and show surgeons”

All the content you need is available in one place, helping guide you along your sales presentations so you know you are hitting all the right marks, at the right time.

As you can see SoloFire has many benefits for both your sales reps and marketing team. We know that you will love SoloFire, just like our customers do. Contact us today for a FREE demo!

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