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We are taking a big step forward by offering our standard SoloFire app on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Although our apps are available for the first time publicly today, we have been powering custom apps since 2011.

Quick Background on SoloFire

SoloFire was developed in 2011 by Infuse Med as a way to manage sales and training assets inside the 200+ custom iPad apps which they built for their medical device manufacturing clients. Infuse quickly determined SoloFire had more to offer the broader market so they spun it off and established it as it’s own business.

SoloFire has grown as the backbone for enterprise apps built for billion-dollar companies and used by tens of thousands of sales reps across the world. With SoloFire, sales reps can easily access, present and share the right content, giving them more time to interact with the customer and closing the deal.

No need for a million dollar app to enable your sales team with your best sales and marketing assets. We understand that SoloFire bridges a gap that every sales and marketing team have. That’s why we decided to start distributing SoloFire through iTunes and Google Play. Our standard SoloFire app is available and ready to be used by your sales reps and marketing team.

Why SoloFire?

Because SoloFire has been around for years, we aren’t newbies to the app industry.

See what some of our clients have to say about us…

Solofire helps innovative teams transform their marketing materials into sales tools. We have years of experience on our resume and we are excited to finally be more accessible to every business, marketing team, and sales rep.

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