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As a marketer, you strive to create successful marketing content that helps your sales reps close deals. I mean that’s why they hired you, right? But it can be frustrating when you spend time creating marketing content and you don’t know if it’s effective. Content creation from a marketing perspective is often like putting a message into a bottle and throwing it into the ocean: marketing creates content, distributes it, and then never sees it again or hears from those who consume it. You don’t know if the content you created helped sales close the deal. Or even what pieces of content sales reps are using in their presentations. 57% of B2B marketers report that one of their top challenges is measuring content effectiveness.

This can lead to even more problems. Like finger-pointing between sales and marketing, fighting for budgets, struggling to prove content ROI, you get the picture. But don’t stress, there’s a solution to all these problems. A sales enablement software gives you powerful content analytics and complete content visibility. No more second-guessing the effectiveness of your content.

Content Analytics

Gathering content analytics can be a hard task but thanks to sales enablement software, it isn’t. One of the challenges of gathering content analytics is that your content is all over the place. You have content stored on a server, in Google Drive, in your email inbox, and on your desktop. When it comes time for you and your reps to find content, it’s almost impossible.

When you use a sales enablement software, all your content is in a central location so it can easily be tracked. You don’t have to set up any tracking codes, it automatically captures analytics for you. And you don’t have to worry about reps sharing non-compliant content or an outdated file. As your reps use content in the sales pitches and share content with prospects, you receive user-generated analytics.

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Here are some of the content analytics that your sales enablement solution should offer:

  • Browses
  • Shows
  • Shares
  • Reshares
  • Total Views
  • Unique Views
  • Downloads
  • Average Viewing Time
  • Custom date selector (start and end dates for the reporting period)

With these insights, you can see what content is performing and what part of your marketing budget is bringing value. It is important for marketing to have complete visibility into which content gets used so that it can continuously improve the content it creates. Your team no longer wastes time or money creating content that isn’t getting used, or that isn’t effective. With complete visibility, the marketing team is aware of how the content is performing and where they need to spend their time and efforts.

Complete Visibility with SoloFire

SoloFire has a powerful platform admin that provides complete content visibility so you know content is being used and shared by the sales team and customers. This helps you maximize your content investment and content ROI. SoloFire gives you a play-by-play recap of each sales engagement, as well as the most active sales reps, most popular content, and most shared content. This empowers your marketing team with the intelligence they need to create powerful funnels of marketing content that help sales close deals more consistently.

“SoloFire has been a great asset for us. It’s given us the ability to see whether a given document is ever looked at or if it’s ever emailed. Or if it’s emailed a ton and maybe that’s something that we need to look at improving, to make it even better.” – Aaron Fisher, Megadyne

You could spend all your time creating loads of content, but what good does it do if it’s not getting used? With complete content visibility, you can focus on creating impactful content, not volumes of content. Contact us to learn more about SoloFire and how easy it is to have complete visibility available at your fingertips.

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