What Is Account Based Marketing?

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Say goodbye to the old way of traditional marketing and hello to account based marketing (ABM). Instead of focusing on attracting as many leads as possible, with ABM you start with the biggest opportunities and target those accounts.

With ABM you are targeting companies and creating individualized content tailored to them. Instead of relying on general content, with ABM content it acknowledges the different viewpoints and people that make up that account involved in the decision process. You are engaging with them specifically, making the buyer’s journey personalized. Each account is treated like it’s own market.


“Zero-Waste” Marketing

Theoretically, ABM is “zero-waste” marketing. Marketers are no longer spending hours and hours creating content that doesn’t capture prospective customers and their needs. With ABM, it helps create a strong alignment between sales and marketing. The marketer is focused on the account, just like the sales reps so they are on the same page and speaking the same language. Sales reps are no longer wasting time searching for the right content, and marketers aren’t wasting time creating content that will go unused. By aligning sales and marketing, it is proven to deliver 19% more growth (Sirus Decisions, 2015).

Companies that are committed to making ABM work leverage a CRM, marketing automation platform and a sales enablement platform (Salesforce, Marketo, SoloFire). They work together to improve your marketing and sales ROI.


Complete Visibility

Do you know what content helps close deals? Probably not. If you are going to the effort of targeting a customer with content you should also invest in a tool that tells you if your content is effective right? This where SoloFire can help. With SoloFire you are able to make smarter decisions because you’ll have complete visibility into what content is used and who it’s shared with. This is the type of information that can make ABM much easier.

SoloFire can help you tailor and manage your content to fit each and any account you are working with, whether that’s for a clothing company or a manufacturing company. With SoloFire you and your app users can create and share custom, targeted presentations that are as flexible as your customer’s needs and highlight your develop capabilities. Your possibilities are endless.

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