What is Account Based Marketing?

As a marketer, your goal is to bring in as many leads as possible right? But are you bringing in the right leads? Instead of focusing on attracting as many leads as possible, we will show you how account-based marketing helps you focus on the biggest opportunities and target qualified leads.

Account-Based Marketing Definition

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a targeted marketing strategy that creates a personalized journey for each sales account. With an account-based marketing strategy, you treat each account as its own market, creating content specifically for the stakeholders.

Companies that sell into enterprise-level organizations or sell B2B (business-to-business) should incorporate ABM into their overall marketing strategy. And it is most impactful when sales and marketing teams are aligned. With account-based marketing, you target specific companies that have the highest chance of closing. Instead of casting a wide net hoping to catch any fish, you cast a smaller net focusing on the bigger, better fish.

As sales and marketing work closely together, they create individualized content tailored to the specific account. Instead of relying on general content, ABM content acknowledges the different viewpoints and decision-makers involved in the decision process. The content is targeted to them, rather than the general industry. You are engaging with them specifically, making the buyer’s journey personalized.

Complete Visibility

One of the main goals of account-based marketing is to deliver powerful, personalized content to prospects. But do you know what content is actually moving the decision-makers through the sales funnel?

If you are going to the effort of targeting a customer with content, you should also invest in a tool that helps deliver content and give you actionable insights. You need a way to measure results, especially as you begin trying a new account-based marketing strategy.

SoloFire, a sales enablement platform, can help you tailor and manage your content to fit every account you are working with. Whether that’s a clothing company or a manufacturing company. With SoloFire, app users can create and share custom, targeted presentations that are as flexible as your customer’s needs and highlight your capabilities. And sales and marketing have complete visibility into how content is used and how prospects are interacting with it. When prospects interact with shared content, reps get notifications so they can follow up accordingly. And marketing can see what content reps keep reaching for so they can continue to create powerful content. This is the type of information that can make ABM much easier for everyone!

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

With ABM, it’s vital to establish a strong alignment between sales and marketing. Without alignment between the two, marketers create content that can be irrelevant and sales reps end up not using it.

With sales and marketing team alignment, both teams are on the same page, speaking the same language. Sales reps are no longer wasting time searching for the right content, and marketers aren’t wasting time creating content that goes unused.

“Zero-Waste” Marketing

Theoretically, ABM is “zero-waste” marketing. Marketers are no longer spending hours and hours creating content that doesn’t coincide with prospective customers and their needs. ABM focuses on making sure the right content, gets in the hands of the right stakeholders, ultimately moving them through the sales funnel. The results are a shorter sales cycle and higher revenues.

In fact, 87% of B2B marketers agree that ABM delivers a higher ROI than other marketing strategies.

Account-based marketing takes practice, testing, and making tweaks along the way. Companies that commit to making ABM work, leverage a CRM (like Salesforce), a marketing automation platform (like Marketo) and a sales enablement platform. These sales and marketing tools work together to improve your marketing and sales ROI. As you work on perfecting your strategy, you’ll watch your marketing ROI rise!

Ready to Start Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy?

Now that you’ve learned more about ABM, you can decide if it’s a marketing strategy you want to try. Or maybe you are already working on your ABM strategy. Either way, let SoloFire help! SoloFire gives your team a powerful way to find, show, and share content. And we help your sales and marketing teams work together so they’re on their A-game with every account they interact with. Reach out to us by filling out the form below!

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