3 Reasons Why Analytics Are a Necessary Part of a Marketing Strategy


The ultimate goal for every sales rep is to close as many deals and generate as much revenue as possible. However, most of the time marketing teams don’t have the necessary insights to help them do just that. Marketers are stuck with these unanswered questions…

What content does the sales team actually use?

What contents get shared?

How effective is it?

You can’t do your business in the dark. You need the functionality to analyze the effectiveness of the assets. And that is where SoloFire comes into play. SoloFire answers those questions for you by giving you 100% visibility into your content.

Content Usage

Data gathered by Sirius Decisions shows that up to 80% of content goes unused by sales teams. This means that the majority of the time the marketing team spends creating content is wasted, and confirms that marketing needs more insight into the sales engagement to optimize content for the unique and complicated situations in which sales reps are often involved. SoloFire allows you to track exactly how the content is being used and distributed from a convenient dashboard. Receive data on which content is being used by the sales team through user-generated analytics and feedback.

Content Effectiveness

SoloFire provides you with the ability to assess the value of individual marketing content and the visibility to identify the content that most effectively facilitates sales. Ensuring that the content being used is effectively driving revenue and helping to close deals. And even pass the data back into your apps, highlighting the most effective content to your sales reps. Bottom line, companies that implement a sales enablement platform, like SoloFire, are significantly more likely to achieve their desired results than those that do not.

Content Distribution

Record the details of the sales engagements, such as date, time, materials used, and time spent with each, and automatically view them in comprehensive analytics reports. With SoloFire, avoid wasting hours searching for sales materials. Dynamically manage the content in your apps. All content is stored in a central repository that is easily accessible and integrates seamlessly with other content storage tools such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Analytics should be the driving force behind what content is created and distributed by your marketing team to help aid your sales reps to capture the sale. Interested in learning how SoloFire can give you user-generated analytics and feedback on your content? Request a demo today.

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