With the help of a sales asset app, like SoloFire, both the sales and marketing teams become content aware which leads to maximum content optimization. Think of it like an endless cycle. First content is created and the sales team is made aware of that content. The content is distributed and organized, aiding the sales rep in presentations to close the deal. The marketing team gets feedback on content performance so they can easily identify their All Star content and make more of it. Plus they can take the poor performing content out of the game. They go back to the drawing board, creating content and restarting the process once again.

Easy Access

The method of content distribution can either help raise content awareness, or hide it. Over 50% of sales teams are very poorly to moderately well informed about the content created for them to use (Demand Metric). Automatic content distribution serves as a major key in creating content awareness.

SoloFire easily organizes and distributes your content. Your content is readily accessible to your sales team. They are able to create presentations using content fit for each customer and ultimately capturing the sale. Not only is the content available to your sales team, but they are aware of the content created and can find it easily.


Insight into content usage metrics is the only way to determine the ROI of every piece of content.And that is where SoloFire comes in. With SoloFire, the marketing team can look at the metrics of the content, how it was distributed and what worked, or didn’t work. This aides marketers in creating and optimizing even more content.

When random or manual distribution is used (for example, just emailing content to sales reps), only 30% say that marketing gets quality feedback from sales on content effectiveness. On the other hand, when using a sales enablement tool like SoloFire to distribute content, the percentage doubles to 60% (Demand Metric).

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