Mobile Sales CMS Approved By IT

1. Marketing creates great content and needs to distribute it to reps’ mobile devices

In the old days, content distribution wasn’t part of IT’s job. In the age of mobile sales teams, it’s 100% up to IT to make sure the process is as simple and streamlined as possible. SoloFire makes content distribution easier than ever before. With just a few clicks, content can be instantly distributed to all authorized users or user groups

2. IT uses SoloFire to manage reps devices, app settings, and content

SoloFire is the key to a Bring-Your-Own-Device workplace. Setting it up is such a simple process, reps can do it on their own tablets. As a mobile app management platform, SoloFire provides IT with control, access and rights to the app without having to be concerned about device management in a BYOD workspace. Apps can be managed by IT from a personalized SoloFire Enterprise App Store.

3. All of SoloFire’s content and customer data is stored securely

  • Content can be distributed to specific security-restricted user groups
  • SoloFire fully protects all customer data gathered in the app
  • Missing device? IT can wipe sensitive data away remotely

4. SoloFire integrates fully with your CRM & closes the sales feedback loop

A sales tool isn’t very useful if it doesn’t integrate well with your CRM platform. SoloFire is fully integrated with SoloFire also integrates with major marketing automation platforms and syncs with major digital asset management systems (DAMs) Need SoloFire to play well with another sales system in place through our open API? Our app development experts can assist in making it work for you. Contact us for additional details.

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