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PowerPoint is the defacto presentation and design tool for many sales and marketing teams. It’s accessible and it’s “intuitive-ish”. Consequently, many organization go to great lengths to create content for sales, training, and more in PowerPoint. We meet with customers on a regular basis that have PowerPoint decks that exceed 200 slides in a single deck which they segment into smaller decks for various purposes.

However, the problem is most sales asset apps used by sales reps can’t convert PowerPoints without losing the bells and whistles of the presentation. When they go into a meeting with a prospective customer they have a fragmented presentation with no transitions or videos, or they have to spend more time and money to rebuild the presentation.

Say goodbye to that problem.

SoloFire seamlessly converts your PowerPoint to HTML5, retaining your notes and narrations, presentation videos, jump links, hot spots, and custom transitions. You don’t have to worry about changing any of your PowerPoints, just upload it and your reps have instant access after syncing their mobile devices. Your PowerPoint and all the features have stayed intact, now your reps can give a killer presentation to capture the sale.

With SoloFire’s PowerPoint converter you can easily….

  • Reorder slides
  • Turn slides on and off
  • View notes
  • Create different presets tailored to your each customer’s needs
  • Share the presentation with your customer and email it to them after to keep it fresh on their mind

The ppt-html converter should support files created in these PowerPoint versions:

  • PowerPoint 2007
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • PowerPoint 2013
  • PowerPoint 2016

Basically anything using the new pptx file format should work, and both PC and Mac PowerPoint files should work.

To get best results follow these rules…

  • Please be patient!
  • PPT files must use TruType fonts to properly convert
  • Embedded videos must be .MOV, .MP4, or .M4v formatted
  • Externally referenced assets can cause errors in playback, avoid if possible
  • Need more help? Check out our FAQ.
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