How to Effectively Train Your Sales Reps With SoloFire

How to Effectively Train Your Sales Reps With SoloFire

Training is one of the biggest investments companies make as they spend millions of dollars a year on travel and events to train their reps. In 2017, it was reported that U.S. companies spent over $70 billion annually on training their sales reps. That’s an average of $1,459 per sales rep! Companies know how important it is to ensure every client knows what it’s like to work with their company from sales, to contracting, to customer support. Clearly, they view it as a launchpad for future success.

Additionally, in today’s environment, it’s more important than ever to make training material accessible where the reps are already working! Training plays a vital role in preparing your reps to effectively represent your brand and sell your products. There are many platforms and training tools available, but the biggest pain point is getting your sales reps to fully adopt a new tool like a learning management system (LMS). The training materials are viewed once (partially) if you’re lucky. This can cause unnecessary stress for sales leaders, and sales reps. SoloFire solves that problem by being the platform that houses all your training and sales content in one central location!

Use Training Modules You Already Have

Although we are not an LMS, we know sales reps don’t view training modules because it’s just one more platform that they have to log in to. Reps already have enough on their plates. Not to mention, an LMS can be an expensive resource that’s hard to get employees to use and actually engage with the training materials.
With SoloFire, you can upload training materials straight to your sales enablement app and deliver them through micro-training modules. You can create different training modules to fit your product offerings and make them available (or hidden) to your teams throughout different regions. Your reps can consume and retain the training materials they need to be successful and confident!

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Instant Access to Training Courses

Sales reps spend the majority of their time within their sales enablement platform so, why not put the training materials where your reps already are? SoloFire serves as the main access point for all sales collateral and training materials. As new products or features are released, training modules can be updated as needed so your teams are always equipped with the right information. Training modules can be filled with videos, powerpoints, while staying fully interactive and SCORM compliant. No more going back and forth between apps.

Another pro to housing all your training content inside your sales enablement platform is that it is wifi independent. Usually, reps are traveling and on-site with multiple clients within a day. While that’s not the case right now, we’re prepared for when the times come from them to get back on the road. When your reps are on a flight, or in between meetings, they can go through the training courses without worrying about paying for a spotty connection or getting the wifi password. Next time they walk into a presentation, they know they have the proper knowledge and training to efficiently engage with prospects.

Sales Training Content Analytics

Sales leaders spend a lot of time and resources creating training material for their reps, but most of the time it’s not even being used. SoloFire delivers powerful analytics to your sales leaders so they know what reps have opened and viewed the training modules, and what ones need a subtle nudge. Your sales leaders can take it a step further and see what training content is getting the most engagement and what training content that could be improved. SoloFire can act as your sales AND training app, sans the scoring and certificates from an LMS. As training is currently being done remotely, now is a great time to dive into your training material analytics and see what areas could be improved!

Train Your Reps With SoloFire

SoloFire is more than just your standard sales enablement app. With the powerful capabilities of SoloFire, you can not only equip your sales reps with the right content, but you can also effectively train them! Interested in learning more about the features of SoloFire? Try it free for 30 days or talk to a SoloFire team member!

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