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Selling isn’t the easiest job in the world. And B2B selling is even trickier.

Sales reps are no longer in charge of the process. It used to be predictable and buyers would quickly reach out to vendors. Now, buyers conduct their own research and base their buying decisions on their research. After looking online, reading reviews, and reaching out to friends and forums, only then do they take the next step to contact vendors.

First, let’s talk about B2B sales.

What is B2B sales?

B2B is short for business-to-business sales and involves selling a product or service to another business. It’s important to note that B2B is different than B2C (business to consumer). When selling into a business there will be a longer, more complex sales cycle, usually a higher price point, and multiple stakeholders.  These stakeholders are usually high-level executives like the CMO or even the CEO. Because of all these factors (and more), B2B sales can be challenging.

Like we mentioned earlier, buyers do a great deal of online research before even reaching out to a company. On average, B2B buyers do 12 searches before engaging on a specific brand’s site. So when they reach out to your business, are your reps prepared with powerful content to guide them through the buying process?

Or maybe they’re not. 82% of B2B decision-makers think sales reps are unprepared. That’s a lot of missed opportunities.

Sales Teams Need Analytics Too

When you hear the word “analytics” what’s the first thing you think of? Whatever it is, it’s probably not sales reps, or even sales related. But sales reps crave metrics and data that help them do their jobs better.

Imagine sending your sales reps out into the field without proper training, content, and information, not knowing what sales strategy really works. It would be pretty hard to know your champion, right? Well, actually almost half of the sales organizations are doing that exact thing today. In a survey by Mckinsey, they found that 57% of sales organizations don’t effectively use analytics.

That’s where we can help! Well, actually it’s just one way that we can help. On top of preparing your sales reps with powerful content, we can also give them insights as prospects interact with shared content.

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SoloFire makes analytics instantly available to sales reps for every contact, helping them know what content is propelling the sales forward. With our Pulse Dashboard and interactive contact timeline reps can prioritize their actions and create an efficient selling process.

And sales managers can see where reps need more training/coaching, or what is a proven practice that the rest of the team should follow. When sales teams utilize analytics, it allows them to make the necessary changes to their sales strategy to be more effective and ultimately win more B2B sales.

Incorporating SoloFire into your B2B Sales Strategy

SoloFire is a sales enablement tool built to help sales reps sell more proactively. With a sales enablement solution in place, you can turn a complex B2B sales process into a straightforward process that wins more sales!

create custom presentations with SoloFire
One of SoloFire’s most powerful features is the Pulse Dashboard (shown above). The Pulse Dashboard is the first thing that reps see when they log into the app. From here they can see how they stack up against their peers, view recently added and trending content, and contact activity for each of their prospects.

SoloFire’s Interactive Contact Timeline

SoloFire pulse dashboard contact activity
From the Pulse Dashboard, users can click into Contact Activity which opens the Interactive Contact Timeline. SoloFire’s timeline helps take the guessing game out of the sales cycle for sales reps. As reps share content to their prospects via the SoloFire app, all contact activity is shown in chronological order.

SoloFire pulse dashboard interactive contact timeline
Reps can take it a step further and see how each individual contact is interacting with the shared content. As they click on each contact, they can see what they shared with them and what content the contact viewed. With these insights, they know who they should follow up with and what content they are interacting with. This allows them to position their follow-up conversation with what is resonating with each individual contact. As they personalize each sales conversation, they will be more successful!

Win More B2B Sales with SoloFire

So are you ready to take control and win more B2B sales? Get started with a free 30-day trial of SoloFire and empower your teams with powerful content and powerful analytics!

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