how sales content management empowers reps to close more deals

The buying process is complex. Buyers are being more selective in the content they consume, and how much time they spend with it. So how do you make sure your reps are sharing optimized content that really counts and leaves the most impact? That’s where sales content management comes in.

But before we talk about how sales content management empowers your field based reps to close more deals, it’s important to know what sales content management is.

What is Sales Content Management?

Sales content management is the practice of organizing and distributing your sales and marketing content to your sales reps. It’s usually managed through a content management system (CMS), and is a piece of your sales enablement solution. It plays an important role of a sales enablement solution because it centralizes your content and makes it readily accessible to your sales force. It helps them quickly find the right content, right when they need it.

Now let’s get into how sales content management empowers your medical device sales reps!

Access to Updated, Optimized Content

Sales reps can get overwhelmed with the amount of content that’s made available to them, or on the flip side, they don’t even know what content exists. Field reps aren’t in the office on a day to day basis. They are usually on-site with clients, presenting at hospitals, etc., meaning they miss many office meetings where content is distributed. Content is constantly created, changed, and updated. To say the least, it’s hard to keep everything straight.

A content management systems allows stakeholders like training, sales, marketing, HR, etc., to house collateral. They can successfully deliver, update, and archive content as needed. Sales enablement is complimentary to a sales content management system. It actually gets the content in the hands of the people that really need it, like sales reps and customers. Sales reps know they always have updated, optimized content available at their fingertips to use during their sales conversations.

Help Sales Reps Leave Their Comfort Zone

Sales reps usually have a couple strong pieces of sales content that they always stick to. They know it works so they don’t stray from what they are doing, staying in their “comfort zone”. While many can still be really successful, what would happen if they were familiar with all the optimized content that’s available to them? They wouldn’t be worried about straying from their top content hit list. They would be confident because they always have instant access to accurate, compelling content.

As marketing creates and delivers new content through a CMS, it allows sales reps to quickly find relevant content when they need to speak about a specific product, even if it’s not their strong suit. When a potential buyer asks about a new product or a specific service, they don’t need to say something like, “I’ll send you the content later this afternoon”, after the conversation has already happened. Instead, the sales rep can quickly pull it up during the conversation, giving the buyer a valuable conversation tailored to them. This keeps the momentum of the conversation going, even after they say goodbye.

Increase Lead Conversion

When you have a good sales content management strategy implemented, your reps feel confident because they are equipped with powerful content. They are content aware and know of specific assets to help take leads through a complete, personalized buying journey. For example, when a lead downloads an ebook off of your site, a sales rep’s job is in full force. They know what their next course action should be. They quickly send off highly personalized content to help nurture the lead along the way and eventually close the deal!

As a bonus, you and your reps will know what content is used most frequently in closed won business. Now marketing is empowered to optimize content investment by producing more of what works best.

As you can see, when you manage your sales content, your reps are better prepared for their sales conversations. They are able to find the content they need to close the sale, and are prepared for any questions that buyers might have. Interested in learning how SoloFire helps you manage your sales content? Contact us for a demo!

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