How To Prepare Your Rep To Get The Sale


One of the biggest things that can make or break a sale is how well prepared the sales rep is and the content they use during the presentation. It’s important to make sure that your sales reps are equipped with the right tools and knowledge so they can go into a presentation and close the sale.


Providing The Right Content

There is usually more sales content available to sales reps than they need however, they often have a hard time finding exactly what the customer needs. They end up spending hours searching emails, the company’s file storage server, or they ask marketing to create something new. This leads to a lot of frustration and finger pointing. They may struggle knowing what content would be most beneficial or where they can even find it.

With a sales enablement app, you can say goodbye to those problems. All the content is easily accessible and organized. You can easily create tailored presentations and  mark them as favorites for easy retrieval and sharing.

Often sales reps struggle to find content that is beneficial to the client, with SoloFire your reps get insight into what content is most effective among their peers. Now with less time spent searching and creating content, reps can spend more time focused on their customer.

Anytime content is created and added to SoloFire,, it’s available to all reps right away. Any updates or changes are automatically synced so your reps are never using old content.


Giving Them The Right Tools

By equipping your reps with a sales enablement app, like SoloFire, your best sales assets will be at their fingertips . They are able to view and send content to qualified leads and contacts. A CRM, likes Salesforce, is important to manage and stay updated on your leads. Everything you view or share within SoloFire will be seamlessly passed to Salesforce, letting your sales rep focus on selling while SoloFire guarantees and maintains data integrity.


Empower Them To Make Decisions

When you provide your reps with the right content and the right tools, your reps will become more confident. They will have the knowledge to make decision and know exactly what content should be shared with what customers, which in turn will lead to closing the sale.

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