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Case Study: Megadyne


Megadyne is as an electrosurgical device company that provides healthcare professionals with electrosurgical equipment and accessories.


Megadyne was having a hard time managing their content and integrating it with their customer relationship management (CRM) software.


With the help of the SoloFire team, we were able to address several of their challenges and in the end come up with a fully customizable app to help them with content management and integrate it with their CRM.

SoloFire integrates with CRMs, including Salesforce

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Before using SoloFire, we had limited functionality. We made a major investment in, CRM solution. We wanted to be able to integrate with that. We realized that our sales reps really needed to be able to send more than just one document at a time and they couldn’t always be worrying about file size. We wanted to control documents that were made available to the reps, that’s where SoloFire came into play. The value of SoloFire to our sales rep is the fact that they don’t have to worry about making technology work. Their job is to sell our products, not figure how to use an app.
Aaron Fisher
Marketing Manager, Megadyne