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Case Study


BD Bard is a leader in creating innovative products and services that meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients.


BD Bard needed instant feedback on how their marketing and sales assets were being used in the field and which marketings were most effective.


SoloFire has allowed their marketing team to get actual user-generated analytics on how their marketing and sales assets are being used in the field and which marketing tools are the most effective. With SoloFire, BD Bard can now easily track the files shared with their customers and it instantly notifies sales reps when those files are viewed so they can follow up with them while it’s fresh on their minds and they are ready to act.

SoloFire delivers instant feedback on marketing and sales assets

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The greatest thing about SoloFire that our reps love and that I love too, is that when a rep send files to the customers and the customers receive those files when they click on that link it allows the reps to be notified exactly what the customer is clicking on and that’s basically an in for the rep.
Erica Vigneau
Marketing Communications Manager, BD Bard