Understanding the Pulse Dashboard

We know analytics are important to both sales and marketing teams. But a lot of the time it feels like sales teams are forgotten and left in the dark. You don’t know if your customers opened content you shared with them, or what they viewed. That’s one of the main reasons we built the Pulse Dashboard. We want to arm sales reps with actionable data so you can deliver a better customer experience. Finally, there’s an app that delivers analytics to sales reps!
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The Pulse Dashboard is the first thing you see after you log in to the SoloFire app. From here you have instant access to Stats, Recently Added, Contact Activity, Trending, and Messaging.

the stats pulse dashboard of the SoloFire app

Your and Your Team Stats

See first hand how you’re doing compared to your peers, and how your team is doing overall. A lot of the time field-based reps aren’t sitting next to each other every day so we want to make sure you still feel apart of the team!

Your stats are displayed at the top, within the circle chats. Your team stats are shown below. You can also change the duration to 7 days, 30 days (default), 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, and 365 days.

Recently Added

Good content is priceless but sometimes it is hard to find. SoloFire brings recently added or updated content to the forefront for easy access. The app will automatically update to let you know of any new content uploaded by your admins.

There are two ways you can view recently added content.

  1. Tap within the Recently Added section
  2. Tap the clock icon located on the left sidebar

*By default content is sorted in descending order from newest to oldest. You can then filter the content by name, date, and type. Content in here is no older than 30 days.

SoloFire recently added content

Contact Activity

With our interactive contact timeline,  you get detailed contact activity every time you share content with your customers. With a timeline for each contact, you can see when they open your files and what they viewed. You can look back at every interaction throughout history.

There are two ways you can view recently added content.

  1. Tap within the Contact Activity section
  2. Tap the contact icon located on the left sidebar

After you tap, the contact activity will expand bringing up an interactive timeline for every contact you share content with.

Tap a contact name to bring up the individual timeline. This will bring up the timeline history of your sharing activity, and your contact’s activity. You can tap within the boxes to see what content you shared, and what content your contact has viewed.


See what content is most popular between your team, and the content you’re sharing. Know what content is working!

There are two ways you can view trending content.

  1. Tap within the Trending section
  2. Tap the flame icon located on the left sidebar

You can see what content is most opened and most shared. And toggle between team view and your individual view.

Trending section part of the SoloFire Pulse Dashboard
pulse message


Inside the SoloFire app, under Pulse, is a message center so you can stay up to date with all the important announcements sent from your admins. Now you don’t have to worry that you will accidentally pass over them in your email inbox.

There are two ways you can view recently added content.

  1. Tap within the Messaging section
  2. Tap the message icon located on the left sidebar

*These messages are unidirectional from the admin to the app user. Meaning app users can’t respond to admins or send other users messages.



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