3 Reasons Why Analytics Are a Necessary Part of a Marketing Strategy

Analytics Are a Necessary Part of a Marketing Strategy

The ultimate goal for every sales rep is to close as many deals and generate as much revenue as possible. However, most of the time marketing teams don’t have the necessary insights to help them do just that. Marketers are stuck with these unanswered questions…

What content does the sales team actually use?

What contents get shared?

How effective is it?

You can’t do your business in the dark. You need the functionality to analyze the effectiveness of the assets. And that is where SoloFire comes into play. SoloFire answers those questions for you by giving you 100% visibility into your content.

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Maximize Your Content’s Visibility

56% of marketing teams have little to no visibility into which content is being used. Simply put, that means more than HALF of marketing teams have no idea how their content is performing, or if it’s even being used.

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Being Content Aware

With the help of a sales asset app, like SoloFire, both the sales and marketing teams become content aware which leads to maximum content optimization. Think of it like an endless cycle. First content is created and the sales team is made aware of that content. The content is distributed and organized, aiding the sales rep in presentations to close the deal. The marketing team gets feedback on content performance so they can easily identify their All Star content and make more of it. Plus they can take the poor performing content out of the game. They go back to the drawing board, creating content and restarting the process once again.

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