What Is Account Based Marketing?

Say goodbye to the old way of traditional marketing and hello to account based marketing (ABM). Instead of focusing on attracting as many leads as possible, with ABM you start with the biggest opportunities and target those accounts.

With ABM you are targeting companies and creating individualized content tailored to them. Instead of relying on general content, with ABM content it acknowledges the different viewpoints and people that make up that account involved in the decision process. You are engaging with them specifically, making the buyer’s journey personalized. Each account is treated like it’s own market.

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Sales & Marketing: Departments in Different Dimensions [Infographic]

In reality, sales and marketing are on the same team working towards the same goal – to capture the sale. But they often operate like they are in different dimensions.

SoloFire is a sales content optimization platform. For marketers that means you get actionable data into how your content is used by your sales reps. For a sales rep that means you have content at your fingertips that will help you close deals.



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