Mobile Sales CMS Approved By IT

1. Marketing creates great content and needs to distribute it to reps’ mobile devices

In the old days, content distribution wasn’t part of IT’s job. In the age of mobile sales teams, it’s 100% up to IT to make sure the process is as simple and streamlined as possible. SoloFire makes content distribution easier than ever before. With just a few clicks, content can be instantly distributed to all authorized users or user groups Read more

Mobile Sales Engagement. Optimized.

1. Sales teams use SoloFire to plan and strategize the sales engagement

With SoloFire, every single piece of marketing content is easily accessible on every authorized mobile device. Sales teams or individual reps can use SoloFire’s Agenda functionality to create pre-call plans and to design sales content funnels. Read more

SoloFire Helps Marketing Teams

1. Your marketing team creates the perfect marketing content for your sales team

SoloFire easily converts any type of content — video, PDF, PowerPoint, HTML5 — into easily accessible mobile sales content within a single app. Once the content is uploaded, it can be distributed to users and user groups based on security levels, sales regions, product teams, or any other category of sales rep. All the time and money spent distributing marketing content to reps in the field? SoloFire reduces that to zero. Read more